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Super Saturday 

To kick off our summer of celebrations for our 15th year of Barre-ing HARD we thought we're bringing you a Super Saturday!

Book any of these 55-60 min classes for just 1 credit (normally 2 credits)

Saturday 15th June 10am - 1pm 


55 min minutes of pure flexy time

Suitable for all levels

ReFlex & Barre Stretch in one flexy sesh 

11am BARRE

60 min of the OG Queen -B- of classes

Suitable for all levels 


55 min of power, endurance stamina and focussed deep stretch 

Intermediate level

12pm  -B- IN YOUR BODY 

55 min to focus, center and concentrate on just what your body needs, with 360 movements that your hiops, shoulder and spine will thank you for 

15 years of Barre

celebration &

100 shot party

6th July

Venue TBC 

That's right, since 2009 our Barre community has pliéd, sweated, arabesqued, barrdio'd and celebrated together.

We want to bring you a special celebration this year to say thanks for all your support and hard work.

Watch this space and the socials for more info 

Marrakesh retreat


Barre, chat, eat, Retreat

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