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How to


The Barre has a culture of working out hard. 


Consistency is key to any training regime, as is attention to detail.  In studio you have your instructor's full attention and we are hands on to help you work right at your own personal edge whilst in a group setting.


Replicating the results we get in studio in your own home takes some serious Barre attitude (you've got bags of that), and some ingenious Barre alternatives to make your home studio work for you.

Are you ready?

Have you got all your workout kit, your water bottle, your device has enough juice?  Once you start your workout, you should work through at the pace of the class without taking extra breaks.  Don't break your sets! ;-)


The SET UP rules supreme!  

We can't emphasise this enough!  Plug it in, activate it, fire it up, what ever it takes, just get your set up, and stay in it.

Work to your EDGE

We'll keep reminding you of your form, only you will know if you can set up an inch lower, or tighten your tuck a little more, or reach a little further.  So find your edge and keep werkin' it!

Kit you'll need

A Chart to show what equipment is needed for an at home workout
Chart to show how to workout at home
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