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We've carefully planned our online classes to reflect the studio classes, they have some nifty at home modifications and some new movements to keep you workin' right at your own personal edge.

Whether you've been in studio with us before, or maybe this is your first venture into The Bar
re, here's how we suggest you layer on the different types of classes.


Barre 101

This 30 min workout will make sure you understand the fundamentals of Barre.  There's some handy modifications of the at home exercises in there too.  Remember, a modification doesn't necessarily mean the exercise is easier, it just means that for you (your chair / equipment / weaker areas vs stronger areas) you find a set up that helps you find the right grip in the exercise.  So don't think that by modifying you're slacking off - you really aren't

1st / Open Barre

This is your 60 minute full body, technical class, and its pretty close to the studio Barre class you may know (and of course love!).  Make sure your set ups are spot on.  Hold onto those sets and you'll be killing it!  If you're new to Barre, hang out in the 1st Barre set ups until you master them.


Express Classes

The express programme runs beautifully alongside your 1st Barre regime.  If you're a Barre newbie, introduce these into your training once you have some 101, and 1st Barre under your leg warmers.


30 minutes of focused ab and core work featuring some of your favourite moves from regular Barre class as well as introducing some new ones. Crunch, tuck and tighten those muscles on your way to a toned defined torso.


Another 30 minute class honing in on your behind. Lift it, tone it and reshape it. If your caboose is your nemesis this class is a must to show it who’s boss!


express Mash ups

A combination of elements from any of the express classes including re-flex, breathe, re-ab and rear-arrange. 




Power classes

Power classes are a great way to up the ante. Fast paced classes that really pack some punch will get your day underway!
Are you ready to build your stamina and endurance?  Yeah you are! 



Get your Barre on and your pulse racing in our Power class that adds some serious cardiovascular punch! Playing it body safe as always, keeping exercises low to no-impact


Power mash up

Who doesn't want a bit of everything every now and again?

This mash up of all the power classes will keep you guessing and maybe even get you tackling you favourite or least favourite power exercises.


Mix it up, make it work for you, always working to your edge, and making sure you have killer set ups, then you're winning!

To find out more about the full Barre programme of classes please go to the Barre Class page

2nd / 3rd Barre

This 60 minute Barre class is a technical class that requires the stamina and endurance of a Power class.

As our most advanced class, we suggest you feel comfortable with the pace and elements of all the Express, Barre and Power classes before taking this class.

Email us if you have any questions, we want to hear from you! 

Cy-Barre- Class Formats

LIVE Cy-Barre-

LIVE classes mean you can be seen by your instructor and class mates if you choose to be.  Don't worry, you can join in LIVE and keep you camera off if you'd prefer!

The whole gang is here too! 

Barre classes will have some modifications from the in studio classes, however express and Power are either very close to the full and unadulterated studio version of class, or they're a mash up.

 With two instructors, one taking you through your paces, and one to give you visual cues and sets ups, you'll almost feel like you're in studio with us!

Replay classes

To give you a chance to take a LIVE class that you couldn't make, or just because you want to take it again, they're all right here in the Replay classes.

Make sure you head over to the 'How to Cy-Barre-' page to help you get the most out of your at home training.

Cy-Barre- Signature Classes


These are our studio filmed classes. Here you'll find  the staples of your Barre regime.  Barre 101, re-ab / rear-arrange combo, 1st/ Open Barre and Barrdio (Cardio, Barre - Style). You'll be led through the Cy-Barre- signature classes by three instructors giving you visual and audible cues and directions to follow along with.

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