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We are always striving to bring you more ways to work out.  More challenges, masterclasses to perfect your form and bitesize vids to help keep you buzzin'!

Barre TV is where its all at folks!


BARRECISE from Barre TV is our early morning 20 minute workout.  Running each week for the next few weeks we workout on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings at 7am!

Wake up, get up and workout! 


You'll be taken through a workout with your instructor taking class with you.  This creates a different vibe to LIVE Cy-Barre classes but still with all the cues you need to make the most of workout.

BOOM! Winning! 

To help you build a great new workout habit when you book into BARRECISE you are booked in to all three sessions for the week you have chosen.  Don't worry if you can't make them all, but we hope you will, you'll feel great for it :-)

Access to BARRECISE is FREE to anyone with an active pack, membership of Cy-Barre subscription.

You can purchase one off access here.

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