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The Very Good Barre Survival Kit

Everything you need to alleviate post class blues.  Often created by discovering your edge in pliés or after taking a Barrdio your kit is your go to for self care and -B-LC.

The kit comes as one whole bundle of goodness or you can purchase individual pieces.

Kit bag Cork Ball

The Very Good Barre Survival Kit complete  £40


Mini Zipper Bag

Ldee's Great 8 Roller

Tigress -B-alm

Breathe HOTWAX Candle

Charcoal ScrubBar(re)

Cork Ball

Kit bag

Tres -Bon kit bag £12

This really is a very good bag for a multitude of uses whether it's your Barre accessories, work gear or anything else that's deserving of a high quality home

 LDee's Great 8 Barre Roller £8


LDee is our resident white witch when it comes to tinctures and remedies. 


In one handy little roller there is a combination of oils to not only calm and soothe the nervous system but to also help keep those winter sniffles at bay.  A delightful blend of 8 essential oils including Cannabis Sativa and vit E and Sweet Almond Oil you'll be able to keep this little roller in your bag for whenever you need a boost.

Tigress Balm deep heat

Tigress -B-alm £10


You've used Tiger Balm, well, get ready for his female counter part.  


Heavily loaded with therapeutic grade essential oils, she literally creeps up on you full on Tigress mode shortly after application.  *Please patch test first!  


Camphor is there for it's warming and cooling abilities known for pain relieving, Menthol, Chilli seed, Cinnamon Leaf, Ginger and clove oil are combined in a pot that you will want to keep close by for all your aches and pains including headaches.  

Scrub bar

Charcoal Scrub Bar(re) £7


This in shower Scrub Bar(re) is not only going to give you a muscle massage but also deep exfoliation,  both of which will help increase blood flow and therefore aid muscle recovery.  

With a warming Sweet Orange, Cinnamon and Fir needle essential oil lift, Activated charcoal for detoxifying and it's soft organic soap formulation this bar(re) will leave your skin feeling soft and soothed.

Cork Ball

Cork Ball £8


For myofascial release exercises and relief, ask your instructor for guidance if you're not sure where to start


 Breathe HOT WAX candle £12


Two fabulous brands meet to give you a candle with scents of Alpine winters that will ease you into your Breathe class online or when you do your own myofascial release and stretches.  HOTWAX make eco friendly vegan soy wax candles in recyclable jars

Each item is wrapped ready to gift to someone you love which of course can absolutely be YOU! 

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