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The -B- Workout is a total body workout that shares its DNA with the resistance training found in classical ballet. Stripping back the most effective movements to their base mechanics using short intense targeted movements to push your muscles into a fast burn before lengthening and stretching them out – you’ll see and feel the results fast: A toned, lean strong body of a dancer without the dance. The Barre's progressive training and instructors will always challenge you and push you to your edge.

We offer 25 minute express classes, 50 minute Power classes and 60 minute technical classes.


Paying homage to the barre-based method as developed by German dancer Lottie Berk over 60 years ago, but making it accessible to all levels and progressive with a real focus on personal goals and effective results.

Today our flagship Barre studio has expanded and continues to grow. The -B-  Workout proudly delivers Natalie Catlah's Barrehaus Method.  This not only means our instructors go through the most rigorous Barre 

training available but also that we deliver the classes The -Barre- was originally built on.  

The -B- Culture 

Barre is hard work. Really hard work. It's also an incredibly supportive and friendly environment with the studio atmosphere acting as a background to a network of genuinely inspiring clients. The progressive nature of the programme means that the workout never becomes easy which allows our clients to continue to set, meet, progress, and surpass fitness goals. 

re clients embrace and embody The -B- culture, an attitude of hard work, determination and strength. 

Luckily, by design, Bar
re results are fast and dramatic - which makes all the hard work a little easier to face! 

The dancer’s body without the dance. It’s the body you simply can’t get from the gym alone. It will change your shape. It will make you strong. It will make you lean. It will leave you defined…and a little sweaty, ok, a lot sweaty at times (*It may also give you a new found appreciation for leg warmers, socks and muscle tees!)

Whatever your age, fitness level or experience, we'd love to see you there!

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